Monday, 19 November 2012

A productive weekend....After a few weeks of the usual toddler coughs and colds, which we have all suffered from my other half took my little one off to stay the night at his Grandma's, giving me a chance to catch up with some work.  Also to put away washing, change beds and general mundane domesticness.  As it was a lovely sunny morning on Sunday i managed to take some photos of the stuff I've made to sell on my Etsy shop (hook and eye crafts). I've been meaning to do this for ages but it is soo hard to do with Master W around, wanting to play with the stock or wear it on his head like a hat( very funny to see a 2 year old with a giant stocking on his head).  So now all i have to do is list it, another few hours to find somewhere-at least the Christmas bits are on.  So a big thank you to my man for giving me a break, before i broke!!