Friday, 17 May 2013

I Heart Quilts!

Fancied making a little lap/cot/wallhanging quilt the other day, so i rooted out a charm pack of 1930s quilt cottons,  I just wanted a fairly simple design that showed off the lovely fabric(its my favourite kind of quilt cotton), i then appliqued a few hearts onto the bare looking plain squares with a bit of bondaweb,  put on a border, and ta da a new quilt top.  I have zig zagged around the raw edge hearts and am just contemplating how to quilt the rest.  Two of my friends are expecting babies in summer so this one may be destined for one of them, if i can part with it that is!!

Monday, 13 May 2013

Yet Another Day, Yet another Bag!

Had some of this groovy abstract barkcloth left over from my messenger bag, sooo i made another little tote bag.  Don't know why i am  getting so hooked on the bag thing, maybe its because they instantly jazz up an outfit.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Summer Frock Story

I have some theatre work coming up in June, so i thought that i would treat myself to a new summer frock before it all begins, as i will have little time or the urge when in the midst of it.  I went onto Jaycotts website the other day to re-stock on some haberdashery and noticed they had a good sale on some of their patterns (oh dear).  So i went mad and bought some, i usually make my own patterns, so this is a bit of a novelty for me, letting someone else do all the complicated fiddling about with drafting etc.  I really enjoyed myself, following instructions without having to work out the order to do things in, and realising i need to cut an extra bit of facing or make up a bit of extra something.  They didn't say how to finish off seams so i just overlocked everything and i am really pleased with the results.  I chose this style as it reminds me of 1940s tea dresses, very feminine but not too dressy, so i can wear it for every day.   It also has a couple of bias cut panels , which i would hesitate to draft myself, as i find bias cutting a bit like witchcraft.  If anyone ever comes to me with an order for one of those amazing 1930s bias cut numbers i would run a mile! I also bought a couple of the re-issued retro 1950s patterns, which require at least 5metres of cloth so that will have to wait for now.  I bought some lovely "Antique Treasure" cloth from a quilting shop and hey presto a new item for my wardrobe!

Please excuse the rather unflattering photos (and coal bin in background).  One thing that i do find depressing about bought patterns is the sizing-  i am a good two sizes bigger on patterns than my shop bought clothes.  Does this mean that the high street is trying to flatter us and make us feel good, or are pattern sizes stuck in the 1950s?  Also why is the pattern tissue paper so flimsy and floaty, it only takes one sneeze to send the whole lot of it flying off the table,Top Tip- it is a nightmare to cut out, i  used a craft knife on a cutting mat to cut out my pattern-it is sooo much easier and quicker  I have cut another one of these frocks in a much softer floaty cotton, so i am looking forward to seeing how it looks compared to this one.  Go on get some cheery summer cloth and make yourself something!!!!

Sunny Dress For a Sunny Lady!

I bought this cheery piece of cloth at vintage fair recently, with as usual no idea what it would become, i just knew it could become something fab.  A very lovely lady who i shall now refer to as "Hawk-Eye", spotted said fabric and decided she must have something made in it.  So hey presto a funky sunny day dress for my good friend Hawk-Eye!!