Sunday, 15 September 2013

Christmas Is Coming!

Hello there, i am back.  Thanks to Lauren at Edge Computers in Beccles i am re-united with my pooter.  The email is still wonky as it is my provider having a dicky fit, not my little pooter, so apologies to anyone who may have tried to contact me, i am due to receive a new password soon, and then all shall be well(fingers crossed).  I have been trying for a while now to come up with some fundraising ideas for my son's pre-school, that would use my talents and be appealing enough for people to part with their hard earned cash for.  I have decided that Christmas is always something that people will spend a few pennies on, so i will be offering personalised stockings ( to put gifts in, not slinky pins).  The above is the final "draft" of a few ideas that have been bouncing around my head as i try to get to sleep at night. It is made from red felt, green felt, funky "noel" ribbon and unbleached canvas and calico, i have had to try and find something simple enough that i could make lots(ha ha ever the optimist) but appealing to pre-school parents.  Hopefully i have struck the right chord, and the pre-school approve, and then its just a wait and see if any orders come in!  I have so many ideas at the moment of things i want to make, that i feel like i might pop, but as usual life gets in the way.  I couldn't quite believe it this week when my fat club leader told us it was only 15 weeks until Christmas-eek.  I screamed internally, and ran through all the projects i was aiming to get done pre the 25th of Dec, 15 weeks will never be enough time!  Anyway i shall leave you with that happy thought.....see you again soon, catx

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

My Computer is not well, i think it has got the end of summer blues, so if you don't hear from me for a while-do not panic, i will be back!

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Late Summer Fun in the Sun!

Well i have finally finished my theatre work so i have heaved a sigh of reliefI couldn't have manged it without the help of my lovely Mum and my Mother-in lawThey both did stirling work looking afetr little one for me, and my Mum is a whizz at sewing on buttons and removing the miles of tacking.  We did manage to get out for a few days out, and of course we had to go to Southwold.  I have to take Mum there every time she visits, and Little man and i are definitley not complaining.  We parked at Walberswick and had a lovely lunch in the Garden tea rooms(thank you Grandma), and then walked across the marshes to Southwold Common, it was absolutley boiling hot so it was good to go for a cuppa at the boating lake .  We met a friend and her little girl and my other half, and enjoyed a good pot of tea.  Unable to contain themselves for much longer we then made it onto the beach, there were many brave souls taking a dip, but we made do with a paddle and all ended up with soggy hems!

There were many squeals of delight, and not just from the half pints, as the waves washed over our hot feet.  It was so lovely to see lots of people enjoying this last burst of Summer warmth, and made me realise how lucky we are to live in this part of the world.