Thursday, 14 February 2013

Happy Valentines Day!

No flowers and chocolates in this house on the 14th of February.  Instead I made some soppy cakes for my other half , assisted by my little man his alphabet cutters and a splash too much of red food dye ( they say" Love you S", not" Love Yous" as my hubby read it).  I reached a new high receiving two cards, but one is from my son so shouldn't really count, and the other from my hubby so that is cheating too.  My Valentines surprises have ranged widely over the years, from a lava lamp to a pair of socks, but this year cupid brought me...........a vintage bread bin, in very Valentinesque colours of red and white.

It even has its original label( I don't think its been washed much), I'm going to use it for general storage.

It goes lovely with my hinged lid flour bin that he gave me for Christmas,  I think we are going to have to open a general store  as he also bought himself a set of scales not unlike those found in Arkwrights corner shop.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Job Done
Well I finally manged to finish off my proper work on Saturday (ie. the stuff that actually pays some bills).  The bulk of the work was picked up on Friday and the last tunic was completed on Saturday morning and posted off Monday.  They were fun blingy costumes to work on for Birmingham Royal Ballet's production of "Aladdin", which has its's first night on Valentines day.  The above pictures are shots of the leftover scraps, I am running out of places to donate these to, so any suggestions gratefully received.  I hate to just throw them away but can't keep them all in my ever shrinking house!  I spent a productive morning whilst my son was at pre-school finding my house again underneath the piles of thread and pins.  Nothing gets done when i am working and looking after little one all week, hubby is great and takes him out at the weekend so i can get on.  Its always lovely to have a tidy up once a big project is complete, and see the floors again!

Monday, 4 February 2013

May Wreath In February!

Ages ago i posted a photo of my "Lucy" style wreath-here is the finished article.  
In the end i made two, one for my sister-in law for Christmas, and one i kept for the Lulumama household to enjoy!  The photos are not my best but you get the idea.  It was very satisfying being able to change the position of the flowers until i liked the arrangement (Lucy advised using pearly head pins to fix your foliage and flowers), such fun!