Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Its a Keeper!

I have been makking a host of different frocks to sell at Vintage Mischief, from full skirted 50s frocks to 60s shifts, mostly from original patterns and cloth.  As i said in my last post i need to put them on a "body", not finding any lying around i squeeze myself into them and get hubby to take a shot.  On saturady we had a special party at my Mother-in-Law's house, as she turned 70 this week.  I rushed to get this dress complete to whizz it into the shop.  However, i really liked it, and it fit, and my hubby said i looked nice in it(quite a rare occurence) so i kept it!  I teamed it with a little peach shrug and wandered around the town feeling very summery, despite that fact the sun was hiding and rain was threatening.  I wore it to said party and it got the thumbs up.  I also modelled the swing trousers i have started making, the first pair are in the shop and no photo will appear as they were a little tight on me and i had very unattractive vpl!  This dress was the on the extreme right of the pattern, minus the sleeves as the 50s curtain i was using wasn't big enough to cut sleeves too.  I will be making more of this style as i think it is very flattering and very wearable!


It got a bit snugger fitting after a few plates of party fayre! Happy Birthday Grandma Ann.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

 Random Photo Post!

Lots has been happening at Chez L over the last few weeks, with the garden-growing and blooming, moving into the new room(temporarily until we get the gas and flooring sorted), haircuts (not usually big news i know) and lots of trips out and about now that its "summer".  I had a big chop on Saturday, slightly influenced by going to see Gatsby last week, embracing my inner flapper i've gone for a short bob, feel like i should be wandering around with a gin and lounging on chaise longue in flappy trousers.  My son declared "your hair looks nice Mummy" when i got home, my hubby denies priming him but i'm not so sure.  He requested a back of head shot after i'd had mine done, his hair looks very much in need of a cut but i don't want to its too sweet all messy and curly.

 My "day job" work arrived last week so i am busy working on lots of green items to be fitted over the next few weeks.  I haven't had any "proper" work for a couple of months so it feels good to be doing something for which  i trained hard for.  I love doing my other bits and bobs, alterations and Lulumama garments but costume is what got me sewing in the first place.  I worked for several years for a lovely theatrical tailor and   learnt so much, it was a happy calm place to work, and seemed very bizarre that we were making costumes for all these big london productions in a liitle workroom in the wilds of Norfolk.  I am lucky enough to still get work from said tailor, even though he relocated to shropshire the year my son was born.  He cuts the garments and sends them to me, and then fits them which is marvellous as i can't get down to fittings whilst looking after little one.
 I have managed to squeeze in a few more frocks for Vintage Mischief, i have made another 1940s frock, adorned with vintage buttons, and a couple more made to original 60s/50s patterns.  It has been lovely having an excuse to use these patterns, some of which have never been used.  There are several more on the go which i will finish off between work.  I must try to photograph them on a body, they look so limp on the hangers.

 Random photo of my little one with a friend at Banham Zoo in the half term, they looked so cute holding hands! And pictures of my big poppies before the wind and rain destroyed them!

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Flaming June

Well after what has felt like the longest build up summer is finally here........sort of.  Our garden pinged into life a couple of weeks ago and now there is no stopping it, everything is greening up and seems to grow before your eyes.

We planted some asparagus crowns 3 years ago, and this year we are finally allowed to harvest and eat it, woo hoo!  We picked our first modest bunch last weekend as our Wedding anniversary treat, it was scrummy.  We have also been enjoying the rhubarb, as we have to keep eating it before it consumes littlies sandpit!  The good weather has got me making more summery frocks, i made a repeat of the 1940s-esque one in the earlier post, it worked really well with this  more drapey cloth. I have also made a wrap style frock, but more of that later.

We have a new resident here at chez Lulumama, a blackbird has made its nest on our new extension, so someone is enjoying our new space before we do.  It is lovely to look up and see Mrs Merle atop her pile of twigs!